Tribute to Rupert Sheldrake:

It is my belief that Rupert Sheldrake is absolutely correct in his critique of the prejudices in the modern scientific community, the flaws in the presently accepted neo-Darwinian orthodoxy and correct in his postulation of a field effect at root of biological self-organization and at influence in the arising of phenomena of the mind.
I believe he is the greatest living scientist.
Just as Darwin was the "conspiracy theorist" of his own time, postulating religiously unacceptable truths because the data presented, so is Sheldrake unappreciated and scorned by people who only register received knowledge.

Monday, October 29, 2007

A New Science of Life

"Most biologists take it for granted that living organisms are nothing but complex machines, governed only by the known laws of physics and chemistry. I myself used to share this point of view. But over a period of several years I came to see that such an assumption is difficult to justify. For when so little is actually understood, there is an open possibility that at least some of the phenomena of life depend on laws or factors as yet unrecognized by the physical sciences." first line from "A New Science of Life"

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